After frustrating and failed attempts to deploy a ‘Hello World’ SOA composite App using Oracle 10g, RCU, Weblogic, and SOA on my 64-bit Win 7 Home Premium laptop, I looked around for options and ran into pre-built Virtual Machines (VMs) from Oracle and VirtualBox.

Downloading a total of 7.88 GB worth of files takes some time. However, installing and setting it up is straightforward. The VM failed to boot the very first time it was setup. After I turned to Google for answers, I realized that the ‘Input Output APIC’ should be enabled under Extended Features of the VM’s settings. See screenshot. I have no idea what APIC really is, but the VM booted up and that was good enough for me today.

The next thing, I wanted to do was to be access the Internet inside the VM. This isn’t absolutely necessary to create, deploy applications in Weblogic, but I liked to have the freedom to query Google for answers in the Virtual OS without having to switch to the Host OS (i.e. Win 7 in my case) every time. This however, didn’t work with the present settings. As usual, I turned to Google and realized that, I had to specify

  • “Bridged Adapter”
  • Pick my Host WiFi Adapter in the next drop down list
  • Pick “Intel PRO/1000 MT Server…” in the next drop down list.

See attached images. I was now able to surf the Internet inside the Virtual OS.