This is a addendum to the post originally posted by Ravi here . I use the attached picture to constantly remind myself the architecture of SOA Suite 11g using the installation procedure as a framework.

  1. Run the Repository Creation Utility (RCU) to install the metadata repository. The RCU is started from the rcuHome/bin directory. The RCU creates all tablespaces, schemas, and database objects required in the metadata repository for SOA Suite and BAM.
  2. Install WebLogic Server and create the middleware home. Run the downloaded executable file for WebLogic Server 11g (the internal release number is 10.3.x). Select the option Create A New Middleware Home.
  3. Install the SOA Suite. Run the executable runInstaller (Linux and Unix) or setup.exe and pass the parameter -jreLoc, specifying the location of a Java 6 run-time environment (for example, the one installed along with WebLogic Server in MIDDLEWARE_HOMEjdk160_11).
  4. Configure the SOA Suite. At this point, we have the metadata repository prepared in the database and a clean install of the WebLogic Server. The SOA Suite software has been installed, but not yet configured. There is no SOA container running inside WebLogic Server just yet. This Configuration Wizard is located in the SOA_ HOME/common/bin directory (for Linux) or the SOA_HOMEcommonbin directory (for Windows). The wizard will create a new WebLogic domain called soa_domain. You have to provide the credentials for a new user who will have the Administrator role.
  5. Install the Oracle Service Bus 11g. Install the OSB 11g into the same Middleware Home used for the SOA Suite 11g.
  6. Start the AdminServer and the managed servers for SOA and BAM. First, to start the AdminServer, locate the startWebLogic.cmd script (Linux: in the MIDDLEWARE_HOME user_projectsdomainssoa_domain directory. Run this script from the command line. When the AdminServer is running, you should start the SOA server and optionally the BAM server and/or the OSB server. Go to the directory MIDDLEWARE_HOME user_projectsdomainssoa_domainbin, which was created by the SOA Suite Configuration Wizard. Open a command window and enter the following command to execute: startManagedWebLogic.cmd soa_server1