Having our new born daughter @ home and busy days targeting Aug’s Go-Live @ office, its been challenging to get time to prepare for this exam.

Though,I am truly believe that Certifications does not and will not replace the real life work experience; its a feel-good-factor to earn the title “Oracle Certified Expert” and “Oracle Partner Network Certified Specialist in Oracle SOA”. Glad that i completed it..

Here is my 2 cents to those who want to pursue this:

(1) As always Oracle SOA 11g Developer Guide is the Bible.
(2) Develop some composite applications with different service components like BPEL, Mediator, Business Rules etc and understand their interaction patterns. This include their different integration approaches like sync/async/oneway etc.
(3) Remember the granular details of the service components and their properties/behaviors. Example, how the fault handling framework works across service components, how the dynamic routing handled in mediator using business rules, human task working principles..
Check the Exam Topics are here
(4) Apart from SOA Suite, it is expected to know Oracle Service Bus and Business Activity Monitoring architecture/concepts as well.
(5) If you are OPN member, you can avail the trainings from Oracle competency center’s Guided Learning Path presentations.
(6) Last but not least, this is theoretical exam and thus beware of “distractors”. Especially when multiple answers need to be selected.

Best of Luck!